Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday, again my dad said i'm a very lucky person.
since i was a kid, he says that all the time,
but most of the time i just dont get it.
but know i kinda get it.

but somehow why do i keep whining outloud and
most of the time whining inside that things aren't good enuf..
things aren't perfect enuf, things just aren't enuf for me.

i got thru childhood- many memories
i got thru school-infact into one of the best schools-many great memories n many great people
i went into university-where i was schooled n learned many life lessons
and acquired many friends
i went into working life-again many great people, many friends
i have great terrific parents- they give me the utmost freedom to decide my life
i have 2 wonderful brothers - whom i sometimes dont pay attention much to..
i have a great extended family who squabble all the time but always find ways to make up.

always surrounded by people who love me, people who care.
what more can a person ask for..rite?

although my dad did mention that so far, i'm unlucky in love..
but he thinks i'll settle down once i'm done with my masters..
but he says i'm have everything else, so i am lucky.

Even that, he said i am lucky because i have had many relationships,
compared to those who had never had any relationships at all.

so i am lucky.
i am lucky.

i just need to be reminded.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I' ve eaten soba many times, but none made justice to the one i had at YABUSOBA. It's so delicious i wanted to eat another one but since my friend was treating me, i couldn't be so full of gluttony, futhermore i was full. we had to wait for awhile, the line was always there. u could tell from the moment u set feet into the restaurant compound that there was something different about it. It radiates some historical aura without trying too hard. its natural. And the moment i set foot into the shop, i knew this was a killer.

Later i found out from my buddy that this restaurant dates back to the Meiji Era. it started in 1880. it was destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. it was rebuilt and has eversince been managed by 3 generations so far..great isn't it? i ordered prawn tempura soba atatakai (hot) and my friend ordered the sumetai (cold) soba with fish paste on top. both were superbly delicious. but i prefer hot soba..(so far)...

i cant wait to go again!!!!


* Realize that the letter 'bu' of YABU is written differently. its the mukashi (ancient) 'BU' before being simplified. cool!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Summer holidays ni rasa cam nak pi holiday to Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. while searching for more info, i accidently bumped into some issues regarding the indigenous people of Japan called the AINU. plus they have many issues and claim towards the Japan government as they claim that they have not been treated fairly. interesting!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

yellow BUM EQUIPMENT t-shirt

i miss the person who owns it.



beef, sliced thinly
kacang buncis
black pepper
cili api
marmalade orange jam
beef stock/seasoning

Cara-cara membikin:
  1. panaskan kuali
  2. tuang minyak n tunggu sampai panas
  3. masukkan onions n garlic -sautee
  4. masukkan daging -masak sampai separa masak
  5. add stock or beef seasoning/ beef cube & black pepper
  6. cook till the juice starts to dry
  7. add cili api
  8. add marmalade jam 1 spoon (ikut rasa yer)
  9. stir fly n at last add kacang buncis fry for another 3 minutes
  10. SIAPPP!!!

* cik snow,mak ITI and MOP : try this!!

gem of Natsu - ajisai

Single but not looking

My most jovial and 'hakuna matata' childhood friend had this posted next to his nick on YM today.. my heart goes out to him. It hurts to know that another person is feeling down because of a failed relationship, because i too have experienced it many times..that I am sure that its pretty obvious in my previous entries. but it brought me to think.. why was it that i sulked? why is it that my fren, Abu is sad and angry, and also grumpy? why? cant we accept that it is over?

My theory is this.

1. we feel stupid.
2. we feel that we have been fooled.
3. we feel cheated.
4. we realized that we wasted our time.
5. we feel that we were taken for a ride, then suddenly dropped off in the middle of no where.
6. our ego hurts
7. we feel that all our effort is wasted
8. we feel that all our honesty were deceived.

so, we are actually angry.

1. we are not actually sad.
2. we are not actually missing them.

so my dearest Abu, u'll be ok. so many others have survived.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

all for banana

The Japanese have been using a little of Arabic words in their daily life (However, they don't know that)!! For example, coffee is an Arabic word. In Arabic, we say kahwa and we write قهوة .
Arabian coffee is very different from Japanese coffee. Arabic coffee smells good, but flavor is very sweet and strong! ! Please try it!!

Then, the Zero is derived from Arabic. The Arabic word for zero is cipher صفر. Sugar is derived from the Arabic word succar سكر.

Another interesting word is banana! Long, long time ago, Arab merchants traveled to Africa. It was the first time they discover banana: "This is a strange fruit, it looks like a "finger", then let's call it "finger"!". In Arabic Banan بنان means finger! Currently, the world's banana is used all over the world.