Friday, May 31, 2013

astr, gula dan gardenia.

Astro, Gardenia and Gula. Today my astro guy came to fix my astro yang berkali-kali dah rosak. I told him to complaint to astro as he claims that the product that had been supplied to him to fix is not as good as before because anandha krishnan has sold astro to UmNo. I was shocked..'really? I didnt know'.. 'ya la..masa stock market mahal hari tu semua umno sudah beli' he replied adding 'barang sudah mahal..quality xda macam itu gardenia and gula la...saya sudah xbeli sebab itu umno punya...u tau ka harga sudah naik?' Wow..everything is related to umno he added..'kfc pon saya x kasik saya punya family makan..itu pon umno punya..' My reply, Mr Ng, selama ni semua org beli semua org punya barang tak ingat party politik pon..saya pon call you..bukan call mca atau dap.. And saya rasa harga x naik..sbb gula gomen control the price..roti pon x naik harga..mana u tgk.. Lain kali u check betul-betul..jgn ikut org saja..' 'Yaka gula gomen control? Saya pon x tau loohhh...tapi roti gardenia sudah mahal...' Apa nak jadik Malaysia ni.. So much animosity and misguided perception embedded in the society.. I seriously think its unhealthy to relate products to political parties. Although some political parties are related to bussiness but many bussinessmen in malaysia do not survive because of political influences such as the previous raja gula..but how come when a malay owns it..its a problem? Because he is Umno? Or because he is not mca/gerakan/dap? Which one? Im getting more and more confused.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


If.Malaysia.if If we put the shopping cart back to its place If we put back our groceries that we decided not to buy to its original shelf If we dont leave our shopping carts anywhere we like We do not need so many foreign workers working in malls. If you pump your own petrol for your car If you learn how to check your tyre pressure If you know how to wipe you own windows ... We do not need so many foreign people working in petrol stations If we put away our plates and trays at restaurants If we separate the recyclables, drinks and food stuff If we clean the table before we leave We do not need so many foreign people cleaning up after us at restaurants If we dont throw garbage everywhere If we separate our garbage properly If we use public toilets tolerantly We do not need so many foreign people working as cleaners in this country Stop bring spoil brats. If.We.If.Malaysia.