Saturday, March 31, 2007


Ni sure dah sampai kat Narita. Enjoy going back to students life my dearest fren.
i wish u all the luck n world. jangan lupa minum teh boh 3 in 1 tu n remember me.
Take care n embrace the new world with open mind n heart.

SEE U SOON! hehehhee

Friday, March 30, 2007




That shall be my word of the day.

I have declared my self a failure in love life some months ago (i have records).It also made me think that i keep on falling for the wrong guy (blaming my good self again- never blame others), then again, i thought, there's nothing wrong trying again, (thanks to my optimistic veins) and thanks to my qada' & qadar, i realized that lately, i am beginning to care a lot for this particular pakcik (bukan nama sebenar).
But like always, when i start liking a pakcik, ada jer yg tak kena..for example i am very distubed by few things/comments he made;
  1. 'women are all stupid when it comes to love...sanggup buat apa saja..tak kira la how smart the woman is, dia kalah pada her own feelings.woman shud let men do everything n stop meeting men half way...' duhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 'my ex tu cepat sangat ajak kawin..baru kenal few weeks, dah nak ajak kawin..even her parents were preasuring me..i was not thinking of marriage at that time' - that was his comment after i asked abt his doctor ex-gf n why he didn't stayed on with her


It has come to a point where i would like to see a clear line between friendship n more that friendship. why is it so hard? is this friendship or more? takkan nak tanya. the chemistry is great, the communication is great, the sharing is also superb. but i'm in a state of CONFUSION.

So confused. i believe that the only thing in life that we shud hold on to is sincerity, honesty n hope. if ur honest in love, ur get honesty in return. if ur sincere in love, in return will will receive the same.. n hope, yes hope is the only thing we must never stop hoping for.

so, if while in love u feel like driving to singpore to surprise your loved one - by hook or by crook, do it! if u feel like buying him the most expensive watch, do it! why shud others question ur sincerity in love?

It disturbs me that i like a person that feels that women are stupid when they are in love. people do stupid things when they are in love, but why not??

It really disturbs me... n it makes me wonder, am i?

Answers for me the people who read my ramblings, (if there's any..)...

U ruined my day pakcik. u don't even know it. n mmg panjang umur sbb while i'm writing this,
u called twice.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

my new - lastest parfum

Ola people..hari ni sakit perut..tapi nak tayang gak my lastest parfume Secret Wish from Anna Sui.
I have fallen in love immediately with it.
Pasal my Secret Wishes tu tak payah nak cerita dah la kan....

*image courtesy of

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2006 - what it means to me in March 2007

  1. Ilham passed away
  2. Beli keta
  3. Pass exam
  4. Failed in an interview
  5. Bapak pencen
  6. Stop talking to 2 persons
  7. Youngest bro went o Uni
  8. Beli uzap..ahhahaha
  9. Pergi holiday wif bapak n uncle dave to medan
  10. Went to bandung with kak lin n kroll n zaref
  11. Bought this black compaq lappie

introducing the man i love

he is always sweet..

he is always cute
he is always a hunk

he is so hot

he is so damn sexy

he plays hockey

he wears lipstick

he never breaks my heart

but he is married.

i love him anyway.
japanese boxset junkie!

siapa dia sebelum daku

Roy & Fran
Siapa Dia Sebelum Daku
Aku selalu memikirkannya
Siapa dia sebelum daku
Gadis kau puja hingga kecewa
Kini kau tak menyatakan
Aku pun jua sering tertanya
Siapa dia sebelum daku
Pria kau puja hingga merana
Kau merahsiakan dariku
Sejak kau wujud dalam hidupku
Semuanya telah terpadam
Bak bayangan yang indah
Di malam purnama
Di telan mentari pagi
Apa disentuh sejarah dulu
Hanya menyakit hati sendiri
Telah ditemukan kita berdua
Engkaulah sinar hidupku
Engkaulah sinar...Engkaulah pelita...
Engkaulah sinar...hidupku


Most of the time we dont understand and get the depth of nasihat yang seseorang bagi kat kita sbb kita tak melalui apa yg dilalui oleh org tu sehinggalah org tu boleh menasihatkan kita sebegitu sekali.
My boss has mentioned that to me like for 300th time. But it is today that i truly understand, appreciate the meaning n the momentum of her advise. There is huge wisdom is these words. Dalam Islam, sebenarnya, it is ADIL which is meletakkan pada yg hak.
Remember, TELL IT AS IT IS, and we will never go wrong.

Monday, March 26, 2007

only say what we know..

Many wrong & unprecedented things are happening in this world because many of us, say more or dare say more than we know. Learning to be quiet and keeping quiet is probably the most hardest thing we have to go through, everyday.
But imagine the damage that has been done amongst us today..bad judgements..bad desicions...bad investments..wrong choices...all because of org-org yg tunjuk pandai..
Sometimes i imagine that it is hard to appear ignorant or less knowlegable or letting another person more learned to explain or to show that he knows more.
But ego aside..we have a greater good to achieve..


suddenly.. today rasa nak potong kuku.. search on adab memotong kuku n found this...
baca la n jadikanlah amalan...

RASULULLAH S.A.W BERSABDA: YANG ERTINYA: Barang siapa yang mengeratkukunya pada ;
* Hari Sabtu : Nescaya keluar dari dalam tubuhnya ubat dan masuk kepadanya penyakit

* Hari Ahad : Nescaya keluar daripadanya kekayaan dan masuk kemiskinan

* Hari Isnin : Nescaya keluar daripadanya gila dan masuk sihat

* Hari Selasa : Nescaya keluar daripadanya sihat dan masuk penyakit

* Hari Rabu : Nescaya keluar daripadanya was-was dan masuk kepadanya kepapaan.

* Hari Khamis : Nescaya keluar daripadanya gila dan masuk kepadanya sembuhdari penyakit.

* Hari Jumaat : Nescaya keluar dosa-dosanya seperti pada hari dilahirkanoleh ibunya dan masuk kepadanya rahmat daripada Allah Taala

Thursday, March 22, 2007

award winning photos..lawa giler..

nature at its best ..

ciko i miss u

I suddendly feel empty..maybe i shud have a pet.. i miss ciko laa ...

ciko is our family pet cat kat dad even said she is his cucu (nak cucu sgt la tu)

Ni aksi-aksi comel ciko..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is my third attempt to send a bandung report.. so since my earlier entry was swallowed by the Blogger..malas dah nak tulis panjang2.. kenapa astik no connection jer..? cannot even save DRAFT.

so here goes.. these are a few more of my photos.. all taken in Taman Bunga Nusantara in Puncak, Bandung...enjoy!

white is purity..

pink shy...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


10 Things i Miss in Bandung Indra Kayangan Shopping..
  1. The Carefree 'M' Gang
  2. Kecap Bango
  3. Factory Outlets
  4. Rumah Makan Sang Kuriang
  5. Jus Sirsak
  6. Jus Alpokat
  7. Shopping Shopping Shopping !
  8. Pak Denny
  9. Bell Boy - Hairi Othman Look Alike !
  10. Great Holiday, Massage n Lulur!


Dear Diary,

Gambar-gambar lom upload habis.. today..bfast in bandung, brunch in the sky (nasi lemak air asia yang mahal gila but ikan bilis dia tak buang taik) and lunch in seri kembangan.

These are a few.. promise to uload n tell more later..

Bunga raya pink in Taman Bunga Nusantara, Puncak, Cipanas, Bandung

Beautiful Lanscape..


The bluest sky...

yellow n green..

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sleeping is important

Sleeping is essential

Sleeping is a must

Sleeping is crucial

Sleeping alone?

Hell !

bandung.. here i come

Esok pagi ..all three of us will leave home early, heading towards LCCT for bandung for 5 days. so looking fwd..i need the break from office n the heat in Malaysia (cheh.. sound so geli.. hehe)

i haven't packed.. pray that my trip to bandung will turn out well..


*snow white..don't miss me at the opis.