Monday, December 28, 2009

Apple in Chicken Soup

This is an entry dedicated to pah.

Recipe for Chicken Fuji Apple Cream Soup

cooking time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Preparation time without a maid : 15-20 minutes
preparation time with a maid : taktau

1 chicken (cut & cleaned)
olive oil
2 cups of water
2 big onions (quartered)
2 carrots (cubed)
5-6 Fresh mushroom/shitake (sliced)
1 welsh onion (sliced)
5 asparagus sticks
1 broccoli ( potong la ikut suka hati)
2 potatoes (cubed)
3 red apples (cubed)
1 chicken cube for flavouring
italian herbs
black pepper

2 tea spoons of corn flour
1 small pack of cream

Part One
marinate the chicken, black pepper, a little salt and olive oil for an hour or two.
heat the pan and put the chicken in on high fire.stir occasionally till red and slightly cooked.
add all ingredients except corn flour, cream, carrot and broccoli, on slow fire. cook for about 15-20 minutes. please cook on slow fire.

Part two.

Taste the soup. season it.add black pepper and when its boiling,add the carrots and broccoli.let it simmer for a while, then mix in the corn flour.when the soup thickens, add the cream and stir softly. let the soup come to small boil. please check the salt because the cream can swallow the saltiness and you might need to add salt. salt is also essential to keep the creaminess of the soup.

Part three.

Dish while its hot n eat!

Sorry no pics, i did not have the chance to take it. but pls believe me, it`s GOOOOOOD!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Purple Vs. Maroon

Waseda Won the Rugby game this year. Meiji won against Waseda last year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

will you wait for me..

One day, swan A asked swan B, "will you wait for me?"
Swan B answered, " u will have to come after me".
Swan A jumped and peddled as fast as she could to catch up..

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Fridays have always been colorful, because of the 2 classes i have on this day and the antics of the locals on friday nites. Yesterday i went to the uni as usual and also went to the library to borrow some books.

A list of yesterday's mishaps:

1. As i was walking towards the lobby, changing my lift from the floors for graduate students to the common lifts at 17th floor, a student ran pass me n knocked me. My mobile fell and went into pieces. Luckily i could it back together.

2. The lift came on 19th floor. one person came out and i entered alone. No one else was waiting with me, as it was late. Oh God! the lift stinks like hell. that guy must have farted before he left!!! shit! i left a few floors after that n took the stairs.

3. Met a friend for dinner at the usual place, Jonathan's. they have new menus for autumn n winter. nice. but, the two girls next to our table was so noisy and was talking about IKEmen ( good looking guys in Japanese ) all throughout their conversation and shrieking, shouting, giggling ..urrghhhh..dinner spoil betul!

4. Friday nites are when Japanese officemates, clients and friends go out after work for drinks after a week of hard work (konon). waterholes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, izakayas are full most of the time.Karaokes too. Price are sometimes higher too.. and because of this, trains are usually very packed later at nite. trains also become a place where many 'action' happens. hahahha... so, last nite, i took the rapid train at 10.45pm (last train is at 12.30). The coach was filled with the smell of liquor n spirit. Men and women looked flushed and pink (red). couples grope each other and it's sick. Girls try to make sweet baby talks with some people n its sucks. Some older people are so knocked out that they have their juniours or subordinates hold them cause they couldn't stand anymore. lucky tonite nobody puked in the train (yes, i have seen that before)

5. When i came back to get my basikal (parked at seiyu), byknya basikal was blocking mine! sakitnya hati sebab dah malam, beg berat, letih, mengantuk n sejuk!! so i had to put down my bag, susun basikal2 lain- anjakkan jauh2 so that i could get mine. lepas tu ada pulak yg pedal tersangkut kat tayar basikal lain..hish hish..

6. Then when i got my basikal.. guess what was in my basket? 2 beer cans.. i really hate this. i know my basikal looks old, but that does not mean you can put garbage in my basket!!!!! i threw the cans at the nearby bin. sapa kata Japan bersih?

Then i cycled home, really slowly albeit it was cold...enjoying my new bicycle white light yg terang benderang.Last nite, it was probably 8 or 9 Celsius i guess. the moon was full and i suddenly remembered that when i was a kid i made a big hue n cry telling everybody that the moon always followed me. yesterday, while cycling i felf like the moon followed me again. the sky was bright and at 11.30 at nite, i could see the clouds. can u imagine that? it was so pretty.

It was not a bad day after all. i watched One Fine Day before i slept and dreamt of George Yummy Clooney.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ketam n Me

Resipi Ketam Special Me-en

ini resipe utk 4 ketam bunga besaq

untuk tumisan
halia sebesaq penumbuk (blend)
3 labu bawang putih (blend)
cili bo/cili paste - 3 sudu besaq (ikut kepedasan)
2 bijik tomato
minyak masak

untuk kuah
3 ikat daun ketumbar (atau sebanyak manapun mengikut suka)
4-5 sudu besar tomato sauce
garam secukup rasa
2-3 bijik teluq (ikut saiz)
bawang besaq potong bulat2
black pepper (kalau suka)


mula2, tumis halia dan bawang putih yaang telah diblend sehingga wangi..then, masukkan cili bo/paste. masak sehingga pecah minyak. selepas itu masukkan tomato yang telah dicincang. masak sampai tomato lembik sikit..selepas itu, masukkan tomato sauce and secawan air. masukkan ketam dan batang daun ketumbar. masak sampai air ketam keluar n pekat, masukkan garam secukup rasa.

at this point, check the spiciness and adjust by adding sugar if it is too hot. adjust with also black pepper, if the ketam punya sauce dah mula pekat, masukkan daun ketumbar and bawang besar yg dipotong bulat2. lagi byk bawang lagi sedap. instantly also, kuatkan api dan pecahkan telur dalam mangkuk yang berasingan dan tuang dalam kuah. tunggu dalam 15 seconds dan lepas tu baru kacau the kuah dan masak sampai kuah pekat.

boleh garnish dengan daun bawang or daun ketumbar. boleh perah limau tapi make sure api dah tutup, otherwise akan jadik pahit.

selamat mencuba!!