Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tq darling

DIsneyland Tokyo Lesson 2

1 have few opinion points to highlight regarding Disneyland Tokyo:

1. The ticket for an adult is 5,800yen ( its call a one day passport) - choose the day of your trip carefully, one a wrong day, the passport might be a waste.

2. The whole park is kinda old fashion. especially the characters and the parks. 1 expected better actually. They have old characters and cartoons but not the updated ones. I was expecting to see more recent characters.. tapi its more of the 80s and 90s cartoons.

3. The worst part was the show with the scientist who shrunk his kids and then blew u his baby Adam. the things was so old..the 3D animation was so-so but the movie itself was ANCIENT! and if you are late, ur cant seat on the 2nd last row of in the theater where they provide English translation on the headset because its packed all the time. they should provide more rows.

4. However, the night shows were superb except for the fact that the Disney staff keep shoo-ing you off. One say that you should stand here, and after 5-10 minutes another one comes to say that u cant be there and shoo u off again? what in the world?

5. I dont know if its because of the summer heat, but u dont bump into many characters like Mickey of Minney or Donald. i saw Goofy twice then the dwarfs, though. too bad. i think they shud have more characters roaming around.



An old friend today asked me what is the thing i missed most from back home.. for a minute it got me thinking.. what is it? it was simple question but honestly i cant think of an answer. maybe i'll ponder deeper into this matter.

My Green Friend

it is my definitely must have for me know.
maybe because of the heat.summer here is horrendous.
though i dont quite like frappuccinos, this is an extreme exception.
dont know if its also served else where..but if u get a chance..pls..try it.
ehh lupa nak letak nama:
Matcha Frappuccino
(iklan free for Starbucks hahahah)

p/s: i actually have another green friend. nanti introduce yer. baru teringat..kamera lak buat hal.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Disneyland Lesson 1

Q:how can he be happy all the time?
A: because he ain't human

Disneyland Tokyo

pada hari yg sunguh panas itu..
ku makan ice-cream orange Mickey Mouse di Tokyo Disneyland

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A: awak pernah panjat fuji?
B: tak pernah..
A: lawa siot ..rugi tau..kenapa tak pernah?
B: awak tu, pernah naik Menara KL ker?

piong piong piong...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the thing i hoshi most now...

VS love spell body splash...
ordered it on
tgh tunggu!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


While trying to make the most creative and grand plus ego boosting dish, everything is overcooked. too much ingredients also make the dish wrong! the result of the cooking is gorrendous ( gorry + horrendous).everybody is talking about the horrible dish and setting foot into the eatery is now scary and an uncertainty.

Denying the real recipe, trying to appear a superb cook when you are an amatuer..ohh my what a waste of time, money and effort of the sincerest group of cooks.And now, to correct and straighten the misconceptions, the image, the damage done is not easy.

all because somebody wants to become head chef..without the actual qualifications, without even brains for it. maybe only the passion that is making him rave like a maniac for power.

shame on you!

Sunday, July 06, 2008