Friday, June 17, 2016

Food Galore!

Ramadhan 2016 Gregory/ 1437 Hijriah

Well, again this is a quiet and lonely Ramadhan.
But i have behaved quite well, I am quite pleased with myself though there is a huge room for improvement!
Today for the first time I went to the mosque for terawih.
On my way there, i was worried that the saf would be full but it wasn't. I was also foreseeing that there would be alot of children and babies screaming and running around, which I wasn't wrong.

Again, I felt guilty in my heart that these mothers brought their children and let them run and crawl around everyone.I wasn't show if that was a wrong feeling, a sinful thought.

A old japanese lady screamed 'DAME!'  at a girl of about 4/5 yo running and screaming between the saf. Her mother was in the front saf, didnt pay attention at her daughter at all. First thought that came to my mind was, this is not only a Malaysian problem.

I wonder what was going through the child's mind.
I wonder what was going through the mom that bring their children and babies and letting them scream their heart out because they were not tended to
I wonder if the other ma'mums were feeling the same as me

I wonder
Ya Allah pls forgive me for not having patience.

Attached is a treat after terawih.