Thursday, January 25, 2007


ola again.. hari ni batuk sampai berdarah tekak.sakit giler.. got to run to the clinic. can't stand it.but sending this anyway. comments will be added later. chiow.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Today got up very early to bath.. muram jogging.... sure mendung sampai ke petang today. Had my long long bath, basuh baju,kemas-kemas umah barang sikit n kuar for bfast.. at 12 noon .. NO.. more like lunch infact.on the way to lunch singgah collect dry cleaning.

Today i had lunch at a new place. i've heard of this place being mentioned quite frequently by my housemates and officemates. but this is the first time for me. Restoran Tuan Faridah in Puchong serve hot n freshly fired ayam kampung. Delicious gilerr!!!! Lauk-lauk lain biasa aja.. not so to my taste sbb lauk dia tak pedas n kurang rasa.. maybe sbb bukan tekak orang kelantan, but the ayam kampung is superb! lauk ikan bilik sambal kering n sambal terung pon sedap. next time kalau pegi kiter ambik gambar kay...?
To my surprise.. restoran tu penuh ngan org! it was practically packed!of all races.. i also saw bus Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan kat situ. apa bus Kerajaan kat situ ha?? on a Saturday? n air kelapa muda (besar) murah giler! only RM2.50. cheap! tapi harga ayam kampung goreng naik from RM3.50 to RM3.80 berkuatkuasa 26-12-2006 (siap ada poster pemberitahuan tu.. ) hehehhee..
food is fresh, hot, place is clean, service is friendly n superb, restoran area airy n well taken care of, ample space, range of veggies n ulam-ulam banyak & they provide u with pisang..tauke sedekah.
Starting today, 20 Januari 2007, they will have an outlet id R&R Awan Besar replacing the old Mcdonalds Lot. its called Restoran Hassan. (i was told Tuan Faridah is the wife's name). i hope they will succeed in their bussiness n maintain the quality of the food n cleanliness.Apparently, they already have 10 outlets including in Kampung Baru & Subang Jaya, but using different names..hebat depa ni.
*Nak kena balik Ampang jap lagi.....malas nak drive. Anyone wants a job as a driver?

Friday, January 19, 2007


Today is the last day of 1427 Hijrah
Tomorrow is the first day of 1428 Hijrah
Today is a Friday
Tomorrow is a Saturday
Today is a working day
Tomorrow is a weekend holiday
Today is goodbye
Tomorrow is hello
Today is now
Tomorrow is future
Today is present tense
Tomorrow is future tense
Today must be better that yesterday
Tomorrow must be better than today

Lets have a good, prosperous, loving, sharing, caring 1428 Hijrah.

Monday, January 15, 2007


8 am: tulis blog abt ilham.
10.30 am: tgk kondo kat duta mines
11.30 am: makan bfast kat oldtown kopitiam in white cofe i ever had.
12.30 pm: lepak umah.
12.45 pm: gayut tepon.
1.40 pm:lapar+ CSI. Marisol mati.
2.30 pm : tido.
3.30 pm: kak rock balik.
4.30 pm: goreng pisang panas.
5.00 pm: pegi kota kemuning, shah alam. tol rm1.60 + rm2.20 + rm2.20
5.30 pm : sampai n makan mee+kopok.
my cousin's son farihin is so cute. makes we want one of my own!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I fell in love.
He was the sweetest n kindest man i ever met.
He told me he has a condition.
He needed surgeries.
I said its ok, we will go thru it together.
Things will be ok. Everybody has somesort of sickness.

He smells like fresh grass all the time.
He cuts my fingernails for me.
He bought me an esprit watch.
He also bought me a pot me a pot of money plant ..hehehe
He also bought me a pair of earrings.
He even cooked for me.
We went to see a house that we wanted together.
The dining table must be an eight seater.
He washed n cleaned my car.
He's always calm.

He waited for me, he helped me, he smiled for me, he stayed up for me.
He is the person i want when i'm happy and mor e so when i'm sad.
His soothing voice is the voice i want all he time.

He likes yong tau foo especially the ampang yong tau foo.
He also likes new gadgets.
He knows all the roads in KL.
He likes P.Ramlee movies.
He's a huge fan of Al Pacino. i hoped u liked 'Scent of a woman'.
He likes kangkong. He picks all the kangkong from my nasi lemak.
He also finishes all my food. jgn bazir....
He doesn't like belacan.
He drinks warm water all the time.
He has sweaty palms.
He likes guava without the asam.

His nose twitches when he doen't agree, but he still smiles.
He's a workaholic.
He prays 5 times a day.
He was born on the 15 of august 1970.

In loving memory of S.I.R.S.I
August 1970- Oktober 2006.

Abg,i'm sorry i took so long to be able write this.
Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat n abg ditempatkan dikalangan org-org yang soleh.

Al Fatihah.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Today is the 2nd of January 2007. This morning, my long long long lost x-love called ...what did he ask me? obviously the same thing most kepo people around me ask me...'WHAT IS UR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?' then.. i again question myself... DO I NEED ONE??DOES ANYONE? Why can't u just wake up one day n decide on one, instead of waiting for 31st of December each year?

however,i do make a wish every year on my bday..which is just in a few am a capricorn. My official age will increase in a few days and my parents, aunts, uncles, grandma and cousins have been annoyingly nosy about my love life as they have not seen any signs of wedding bells,sirih junjung,rings or for the matter grandchildren. even my former boss has been harressing me about it!

In a box, picking a future mate is not easy, its not like picking fish from the fish market..its like choosing a house to buy n stay in.. u cant just buy any house..u wud have to choose...n choose..n ponder...n sleep on it (not with it) on it..n decide...even so.. we sometimes make the wrong decision in property investments...similiar with choosing a is also a long term nvestment n risk..
do i sound bitter? hehhhee. i wish i'm not. but afterall, capricorns are known to be practical.surefooted the goat.
i think i'd like to lose more weight and try my best to pray full-five times a day..but that is not my new year resolution, Because 1st of January is not my new year.
Good nite.