Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cheese Cake

Semalam teringin nak makan cheese cake. tapi keinginan itu dihentikan sbb cheese cake hang alot of eggs especially egg yolks to which i am allergic to. The longing for cheese cake came after watching Nigella Bites...huhuhuh

Tapi the story i would like to tell about the cheese cake this time is not mine. Yesterday when i was talking and drooling about cheese cake, my aunt told me a story about my late eldest uncle who died last year at the age of 73.After his death..his wife (my mum's SIL) who has the penyakit 3 serangkai misses his husband terribly asyik menangis, and banyak la cerita about the things she misses about the husband came out.

On valentines day, my uncle until the year before he passed, gave a bouquet of roses and cheese cake to the wife every year.. on the day of her birthday, he presented her with a new baju, comb her hair for her and ask her to wear make up, so that she will feel beautiful.. while telling this my aunt started to tear and i was holding back tears.

He was such a loving husband. He was hard to forget. I did not want cheese cake after that..sob sob..


mak iti Jr said...

but lelaki zaman skang dh cemtu..
org dulo2 lg romantik n amek perhatian pd pasangan memasing that y ade yg kate;

" biarlah awak mati dulu, biar derita kesunyian tu sy tanggung.." kate si suami pd isteri terchinto.

UrbAnWiTch said...


biar ku tunggu mu di pintu syurga la yer?

Anonymous said...

beb, sori aku ketinggalan, ko kt msia ke skang? for ops? ida

Anonymous said...

I hope my relationship with my husband will be like that in our golden years...
Al-fatihah to your uncle, may his soul rests with org2 yang beriman - mama zaref