Wednesday, September 10, 2008

should i?

yesterday, MS told the class that we would have a break which was never scheduled in the term. weird huh. so, there will be a break from the 26th of September till classes will start again on the 8th of October.

see where i'm going? hehe

after my date with Doctor K (ehem ehem pah..)as i was waiting for the traffic light to turn green at the pedestrian, as if by coincidence..i looked up at the sky.. and hora... i saw plane soaring..SIGNS are everywhere!

maybe mama..lets hope there are tickets.


Qirzah said...

So confusing . .

the cheeky wife said...

bila lagi nak raya di perantauan wehh

depuzo said...

qirzah - dia nak balik raya le wehh..

the cheeky wife - dia nak balik raya jugak le wehh..